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Bangladesh has a fast growing economy
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Success on a global stage

Bangladesh is an economically successful, democratic and increasingly politically stable society. As a self-confident nation on the global stage, Bangladesh works alongside the UK on a wide range of diplomatic issues as a member of the Commonwealth, and the country is developing further political, economic, and cultural ties across the globe.


Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with a growth of 5.9% per annum for the past two decades - the country even grew during the COVID pandemic.

Political development in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a self confident nation
Political development
Fast growing economy
Self confident nation
Bangladesh Economy is growing
Board Members


Bangladesh Plus is a new organisation committed to the advancement of Bangladesh and its diasporic groups.

Bangladesh board members
The Rt Hon Mark Field

The Rt Hon Mark Field

Advisory Council

Abdus Hamid Advisory Council

Abdus Hamid

Advisory Council

Zakir-Khan Advisory Council


Advisory Council

Mehfuz Ahmed Advisory Council

Mehfuz Ahmed

Advisory Council

Parveen Hassan MBE Advisory Council

Parveen Hassan MBE

Advisory Council

Goals fo 2023
Goals of Bangladesh

We are concerned that the impression created outside Bangladesh, especially through media coverage, can often be less optimistic, focusing on the impact of natural disasters or climate change.

We believe that this has created a negative perception of the country, particularly among international investors or corporations wishing to manufacture or develop services in Bangladesh. This perception is increasingly out of line with the growing economic prosperity of the country and its population, including in key sectors like technology, fintech, and pharmaceuticals.

High-profile projects such as the International Airport expansion, the Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit system, the Padma Bridge linking the north and south of Bangladesh, and the country’s digital upgrade show how quickly Bangladesh is modernising its infrastructure. The financial services sector of Bangladesh is now the second largest on the Indian subcontinent, and the country’s GDP has almost quadrupled in 10 years. Similarly, the technology sector is expanding rapidly, with the Bangladeshi tech start-up scene raising its highest-ever investment in 2021. The country consequently now ranks amongst the top twenty most digital populations in the world. As a leader in climate adaption, Bangladesh has the largest off-grid solar power program in the world, benefiting 20 million people.

As friends of Bangladesh, we believe it is right to use our voices both here and internationally to communicate the positive developments in the country to a wider audience, in a way that encourages further economic success.


Developing Bangladesh


Significantly grow our target follower base and increase engagement.

Media Interviews Bangladesh


Secure high quality media interviews and activities with key figures from Bangladesh.

Misperceptions about Bangladesh


Influence opinions and challenge misperceptions about Bangladesh in the UK.

27 Yrs

of growth since Sheikh Hasina



Per Annum


GDP Quadrupled in 10 years 


High Investment in tech start up

Social Media


social status of bangladesh

The UK has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, with estimates ranging from 92% of adults (ONS) to 94.8% (World Bank). Internet use is particularly important for ex-pats as it greatly enhances their opportunities to stay connected, socially and economically, with geographically dispersed communities.


Like other immigrant communities in the UK, members of the Bangladeshi community are keen to stay in touch with their families, native language, news from home, and cultural experiences. Therefore, our recommended approach is to place digital advertising where UK based Bangladeshis seek, consume, and engage with such content.

The Bangladesh+ social channels have built up a small but influential organic following, made up of CEOs, business leaders and notable figures across the UK – and abroad.

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